Words that make me crazy


Or, otherwise known as: For the love of God, irregardless isn’t a word!

I spend a lot of my time writing, reading and editing. Many non-words are commonly used and many people believe they’re actually words. They’re not. They’re made up. And people like me cringe when we hear them. After irregardless, my second biggest word pet peeve is agreeance. I hear this in meetings occasionally and from tv commentators, and from people with multiple degrees. Again, not a word.

Here are some more:

1. Administrate: A back-formation of administration and an unnecessary extension of administer

2. Commentate: A back-formation of commentator and an unnecessary extension of comment

3. Dimunition: Erroneous; the correct form is diminution (think of diminutive)

4. Exploitive: A younger, acceptable variant of exploitative

5. Firstly: As with secondly and thirdly, erroneous when enumerating points; use first and so on

6. Heighth: Rarely appears in print, but a frequent error in spoken discourse (Why isn’t heightmodeled on the form of depthlength, and width? Because it doesn’t shift in spelling and pronunciation from its associated term, tall, like the others, which are derived from deeplong, andwide, do. Neither do we say or write weighth.)

7. Irregardless: An unnecessary extension of regardless on the analogy of irrespective but ignoring that regardless, though it is not an antonym of regard, already has an antonymic affix

8. Miniscule: A common variant of minuscule, but widely considered erroneous 

9. Orientate: A back-formation of orientation and an unnecessary extension of orient 

10. Participator: Erroneous; the correct form is participant 

11. Preventative: A common and acceptable variant of preventive 

12. Societal: A variant of social with a distinct connotation (for example, “social occasion,” but “societal trends”)

13. Supposably: An erroneous variant of supposedly

14. ‘Til: Also rendered til and till, an clipped form of until that is correct but informal English; use the full word except in colloquial usage

15. Undoubtably: An erroneous variant of undoubtedly

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One Comment on “Words that make me crazy”

  1. Michael says:

    My all time favorite, acrost. It’s across people, not T.

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